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  • Same place in Chardonnay today, 6 days later than the previous photo. They are growing fast!

  • Spring. Chardonnay has big leaves already, so no frost needed. ;)

  • We are bottling a small run of Bubbly Sauvignon Blanc 2014 this week. :D
    Finland, let us know if you were keen to pre-order a case (or two) between some of your friends. You can email to us if you don't like to share it here.

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc

Origin: Sauvignon Blanc is traditionally the wine of the Loire Valley in France and wines characteristic of this area are Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé Blanc.  Both styles are dry and the final flavour profile reflects the growing season, the soil type a...


Origin: Riesling is a grape of German origin from the Rhine Valley.  It grows readily in New Zealand and is becoming increasingly popular. It is often made in an 'off dry' style where the primary fruit characteristics are retained. When Riesling ...

Bubbly Sauvignon Blanc

Vicarage Lane Marlborough Bubbly Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Harvest: Machine harvested in early April 2011. Viticulture Notes: Produced by acclaimed New Zealand winemaker Alan McCorkindale using Vicarage Lane’s own award winning sauvignon blanc. Winemaking: ...