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Our 10th vintage was harvested today

Our 10th vintage has been harvested today! Good quality, but a little bit lighter crop than we hoped. The early spring frosts made quite a bit of damage in the end.  Well, we will have a glass of our beautiful Sauvignon Blanc 2012 for the event anyway. Cheers!

10th vintage for Vicarage Lane Sauvignon Blanc

Vicarage Lane’s 2013 Sauvignon Blanc will be the 10th vintage for the company. This year the quality of the grapes should be superb, but the quantity might end up being a little bit less than average. Beautiful, hot and sunny summer has been very good for us and it looks like we will start our harvest on Easter Sunday.

March news

Exciting week ahead…Our winemaker, Alan, is coming to check all vineyards on Tuesday (harvest maybe about 4 weeks away), our new vintage 2012 Pinot Noir should be ready for bottling any day now and the very last of 2013 Sauvignon Blanc will be bottled on Friday. Oh, and the weather should be sunny & warm all week!!! :)

Harvest Gallery

Some images from the 2012 harvest

Another harvest done

Vicarage Lane’s 2012 harvest is done! The crop was smaller than expected, as are most in the whole region.

Harvest weather has been sunny and beautiful, but we are expecting to get some rain in the early hours of tomorrow morning…