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  • Same place in Chardonnay today, 6 days later than the previous photo. They are growing fast!

  • Spring. Chardonnay has big leaves already, so no frost needed. ;)

  • We are bottling a small run of Bubbly Sauvignon Blanc 2014 this week. :D
    Finland, let us know if you were keen to pre-order a case (or two) between some of your friends. You can email to us if you don't like to share it here.


Based in the renowned Cloudy Bay district of Marlborough, only a few kilometres from the centre of Blenheim, one of New Zealand’s sunniest towns. Vicarage Lane’s 7.6 hectare vineyard makes full use of the silty loam to produce intense fruit with the crisp acidity that yields the area’s famous Sauvignon Blanc.

The vineyard is situated on the corner of Middle Renwick and St Leonards Roads, in the heart of one of the worlds best Sauvignon Blanc producing areas, where the fertile soils of the Wairau River delta provide outstanding conditions for the growth of vines, imparting in the locally grown Sauvignon Blanc it’s unique zesty, explosive flavour.

The companie’s office is based in Hammerichs Road, Blenheim.