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    Blogijuttua Iisalmen Sanomissa. Itse lehdessä oli hieman erilainen juttu....jonka kaikki ovat tietenkin lukeneet. ;)

    Uusi-Seelanti - nuori viinimaa, joka tarjoaa viinin ystävälle yllätyksiä - Iisalmen Sanomat
    Uuden-Seelannin Marlborough'ssa sijaitsee vieri vieressä sijaitsevia viinitiloja, joille matkailija pääsee tutustumaan. Päivi Laajalahti raportoi matkaltaan
  • Attention Finland! Our Bubbly Sauvignon Blanc will be available to order from Alko's order list from 2nd of March. The price should be 12,99 €/bottle. :D
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Vicarage Lane was founded in April 2002, when then UK based Kiwi director John Kennard established Vicarage Lane Wines Limited , a company based around a 4 hectare block, including 2 hectares of vineyard, in the Cloudy Bay district of Marlborough, New Zealand, home to some of the worlds finest wines.

During 2003 half of the company was sold to established Christchurch winemakers Brent and Shirley Rawstron, a move aimed at giving the fledgling company greater depth and knowledge of the wine industry, plus equity to allow acquisition of further vineyard space. Brent Rawstron was also elected a director and Kennard, along with partner Satu Lappalainen, returned to New Zealand to run the vineyard.


The 2 hectare block of Sauvignon Blanc vines planted in 2001 underwent major development during the 2003 growing season, with the acquisition of a further 4 hectares of bare land and the planting of some 10770 new grafted Sauvignon Blanc plants on the new land and unplanted sections of the existing block. vicarage_lane_wines_young_vines

The first work on the project involved removal of the existing pasture, deep ripping to break up any compaction in the underlying soils, and the application of fertilizer along with slow release weed control before planting. The irrigation system was also extended from a single zone to include 4 zones incorporating both the existing and new vines.

Initial growth from the plants in the warm, dry Marlborough climate was very strong, despite a wide spread drought in New Zealand’s South island. Plants had reached 1.8-2.0m of cane growth by the end of the 03-04 growing season and, while dormant in the winter, a single fruiting cane was laid down ready for spring growth to begin.

This rate of growth was mirrored in the following seasons, with one additional cane being laid on the maturing vines each season until a full crop was produced from the mature four cane VSP (vertcal shoot positioning) pruned vines in 2008.  Future seasons have continued the use of this 4 cane pruning system.